27. May 2019

Our Services

It does not have to be all or nothing…

ProcNeg provides tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget, whether you are looking for a new provider, replacing your existing provider, upscaling your running contracts, or renewing and renegotiating your active contracts.

Our company offers both direct and indirect procurement, and you can select to outsource any or all of the following procurement services:  Preparing RFQs and searching potential suppliers, Requesting and evaluation of offers, Contract negotiation/renegotiation – price, terms, etc., Contract closure

If you need help with any other procurement-related activity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Successful projects among others in the past have also included:

Finding and Negotiating

Companies for software and hardware purchase/ office supplies and furniture/ diverse IT or other licenses/ event booths, AV, design/

All suppliers for a company event with more than 1500 attendees in Berlin and London

New travel tool for a global company with 15 offices across the world (including project plan and implementation)

New/existing contracts for electricity/ cleaning services/ telecommunications/ internet providers/ SMS and email providers/ hotel contracts/ other office operations-related services

Outsourcing agencies for diverse work such as HR and recruiting, digital marketing campaigns, copywriting, PR activities, company events, IT services, and more

And much more….